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Happy 50th Birthday Emily


This cake is a combination of different projects – LV bag, champagne, flowers and cupcakes.

They pose different challenges, but are nevertheless fun and satisfying in different ways.




Painting n getting cross eyed 🙂

The bag is the most tedious, with the cut outs done individually by hand since I neither possess a cutter nor a stencil. I did get cross eyed in the process of painting them too – hmm,  not bad as a form of eye exercise.


Work in progress

The flowers are the most intricate, also requiring a lot of time and, patience. The first few layers needs to be dry before the next can be applied. And it does take a few days for this to happen in our climate here.  Try to hurry the process and, you risk the entire flower falling apart! Inner peace … 🙂

The easiest is, truly the most challenging. It took some experimenting before I figured how to present the bottle in an upright position. Started with a slightly harder cake for a better support. The last thing I ever want is to have a leaning champagne bottle! Despite that, the nagging fear of big humps or potholes during delivery.  And the shape, it’s quite a daunting task balancing and getting the symmetry!

Fondant and gum paste work brings variety to cake making. Every cake design is unique, and each presents a new challenge. Living in a humid climate doesn’t help though. The solution, often, is blasting the air conditioning through the day – not entirely environmental friendly but I guess I will have to stay with this till I find a better solution.


Going to be sending out this hefty cake in a while. Hoping that the birthday girl will like it .. Happy 50th Birthday Emily!