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Little Sheep


Little Sheep for a sweet little baby girl. Children themed cakes are a joy to make, especially when I am given the liberty to let ideas flow


The inside of the sheep crafted out of rice puffs bound together by marshmallow. Each piece to be covered by sugar paste once they are reasonably hardened


And the huge amount of sugar paste needed to cover it


Happy to be invited to the party too! And thrilled with kids crowding round



Black Gold White


Once again, my posts are lagging way behind my bakes. This is a request for a black-gold-white cake for a 21st birthday. I like the sharp contrasts, possibly highlighting the character of the special lady of the day.


She wanted roses and peonies, but given the short time, I was not able to find any such cutters after going round all the cake decorating shops that I know of.. Gasp .. Had to settle for heart shaped ones which seemed to do the trick .. What a relief!


I’m immensely Satisfied with the gold powder that I’ve bought from the recent FHA, .. Love how the leaves and little buds accentuates the full blooms

And here’s the sugar veil laces which are so fun to make. The wonders of having the right tools


Blueberry Avocado

IMG20160602103757I’m so happy with this bake. Recently I’m into healthy and wholesome eating, decided to try using some avocado in my tests. Avocado is such a power food, and being so rich, it works well as a butter substitute.


Substituting some butter with avocado

Lots of blueberries for the antioxidant boost


And finally topped with chop almond for some crunch


And there it is, irresistibly fragrant cake out of the oven. Isn’t it inviting?


Well I can’t really taste any avocado in the cake, although I thought there is a very faint shader of the pale green. Or it could just be my imagination. Let’s put it to test with my girls:-)



Today is Baking Marathon Day

Today is Baking Marathon Day. All projects started, but all incomplete just yet.


First the forsaken levain which had been hibernating in the chiller for weeks .. Sundried tomato sourdough loaf








Next power berries sponge for antioxidant power ..


And finally a chocolate cheese to indulge in

Will update in next post on the final products 🙂

Raisin sourdough Loaf

Raisin sourdough


Raisin sourdough

I don’t really like to eat raisins, but I love them encased in bread dough! Call me weird, but I find the texture changed dramatically in the process!


Mixing in action

Raisins, conditioned overnight, added towards the end of mix. It’s fun watching the raisins finding it’s way into the dough



Love the touch -you’ve got to be gentle yet sure. Too harsh and you may lose all the bubbles that have accumulated, too soft and you get a dough that lacks strength.


Ready to bake

Banana cake again

IMG20160427235408Yet another banana cake. 

Love how using food grade flowers can jazz up the otherwise plain looking cake right away, the marvellous beauty of nature… Ideas copied from the recent FHA in town 🙂



Salted Caramel Banana



When there is an abundance of overripe bananas, the best thing is to turn them into cakes. The riper they are, the more fragrant the cake is, naturally, without the need of any artificial flavors.

Here, the banana cupcake is paired with salted caramel buttercream, and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes .. Simple yet balanced profile.


Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo cheesecake


Fancy an Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo cheesecake? Why Oreo to the power of 6? No, it’s not a typo error.

Oreo base, Oreo topping, whole Oreos, Oreo bits, more Oreo garnish plus even more heaps of Oreo by the side. Is that enough Oreo for you?

Now is that an Oreo cheesecake or a cheese OREO cake? 🙂




“Whatever available in chiller” lunch

Am home alone, not too hungry yet craving for something to munch. Have been having too many cakes, decided to make a simple healthy snack.

A look into the chiller reveals many kinds of greens .. Various lettuce, radish, seaweed .. And since I have smoked salmon and bread left from yesterday, this is probably the fastest and easiest for a lazy afternoon.


Throw in some caramelized banana chips and my daily coffee .. Perfect balance of crisp, chew and crunch


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