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Little Sheep


Little Sheep for a sweet little baby girl. Children themed cakes are a joy to make, especially when I am given the liberty to let ideas flow


The inside of the sheep crafted out of rice puffs bound together by marshmallow. Each piece to be covered by sugar paste once they are reasonably hardened


And the huge amount of sugar paste needed to cover it


Happy to be invited to the party too! And thrilled with kids crowding round



Black Gold White


Once again, my posts are lagging way behind my bakes. This is a request for a black-gold-white cake for a 21st birthday. I like the sharp contrasts, possibly highlighting the character of the special lady of the day.


She wanted roses and peonies, but given the short time, I was not able to find any such cutters after going round all the cake decorating shops that I know of.. Gasp .. Had to settle for heart shaped ones which seemed to do the trick .. What a relief!


I’m immensely Satisfied with the gold powder that I’ve bought from the recent FHA, .. Love how the leaves and little buds accentuates the full blooms

And here’s the sugar veil laces which are so fun to make. The wonders of having the right tools


Specially Dedicated to “Jazz”


It’s a silent moment of sadness. Jazz had served my family well for the last 10 years, celebrating moments of triumph and suffering moments of anguish. She literally grow up with my children, fetching them to school, ballet classes, swim class, art class, music class. You name it -she is so much a part of our life.

Jazz is none other than our family car. 10 years is a long time, and emotional ties do develop. She had been most reliable and efficient, never failing to perform, often exceeding expectation.

On this last episode of her short 10-yr  journey, as I drove on to surrender her a with heavy heart, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” flooded my head. … “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain.. ” Getting teary eyed, I do wish that I can have things my way, but more often than not, this fails to be the case.

Nonetheless,  with the closure of Season 1, we can now only look ahead to the start of Season 2.





Peek inside the LV bag



Thanks Jennifer for the pix!


Happy 50th Birthday Emily


This cake is a combination of different projects – LV bag, champagne, flowers and cupcakes.

They pose different challenges, but are nevertheless fun and satisfying in different ways.




Painting n getting cross eyed 🙂

The bag is the most tedious, with the cut outs done individually by hand since I neither possess a cutter nor a stencil. I did get cross eyed in the process of painting them too – hmm,  not bad as a form of eye exercise.


Work in progress

The flowers are the most intricate, also requiring a lot of time and, patience. The first few layers needs to be dry before the next can be applied. And it does take a few days for this to happen in our climate here.  Try to hurry the process and, you risk the entire flower falling apart! Inner peace … 🙂

The easiest is, truly the most challenging. It took some experimenting before I figured how to present the bottle in an upright position. Started with a slightly harder cake for a better support. The last thing I ever want is to have a leaning champagne bottle! Despite that, the nagging fear of big humps or potholes during delivery.  And the shape, it’s quite a daunting task balancing and getting the symmetry!

Fondant and gum paste work brings variety to cake making. Every cake design is unique, and each presents a new challenge. Living in a humid climate doesn’t help though. The solution, often, is blasting the air conditioning through the day – not entirely environmental friendly but I guess I will have to stay with this till I find a better solution.


Going to be sending out this hefty cake in a while. Hoping that the birthday girl will like it .. Happy 50th Birthday Emily!




Flower Arrangement


Who would have thought that you need flower arrangement skills even in cake making? I certainly can take some lessons here.

Though not often required, I love it despite the amount of work involved. Truly, every petal, every leaf and every speck of colour is a labor of love, painstakingly built up resulting in a final spray of flowers! Satisfaction.


Each petal is carefully painted to bring across different shades


Almost real?


Each stalk must be thoroughly dried before the next step can be performed .. Calls for logical thinking and plenty of patience and TLC


And of course, not forgetting the leaves, without which the picture would be incomplete

Happy Birthday Mum!


Happy Birthday Mum cupcakes

Did this for a friend’s mum, a lovely lady who likes all things beautiful!


Happy 70th Birthday Mrs Skipp!


This cake was made specially for Mrs Skipp, the ballet teacher who has taught both my girls through the years since they were still so little. Never have I met another teacher who shows such passion and enthusiasm, yet always so understanding.

Friends have asked what’s inside the sewing machine? Is it all edible?

IMG20160301163534That’s it – rice puffs!

And the little cupcakes ..


I have fond memories of those hair gel and clips. It’s always “party time” during exam week. Girls turn up in full gear, mums helping with the hair, last minute checks with the character skirt and shoes. And yes, she will even provide an iron if there is a need to straighten any creases on the skirt!


This pin cushion. How many times she has pricked her fingers sewing the crochet on the pointe shoes, how much work she has gone through tirelessly altering the skirts,  sewing the ribbons on the skirts, fastening and then removing the ribbons on the ballet shoes?

She’s such an inspiration .. I specially liked the phrase she uses close to exams .. “I yell because I care!” The girls not just learn to dance, they learn resilience, which to me is one of the most powerful tools one could have!

The “poor old sausages” have grown so beautifully .. Thank you Mrs Skipp, and happy 70th birthday!

Ground Zero

Been more than two long years since my last post. Guess this is the best place to continue where I left back then.

I seemed to have returned to ground zero after all this time, albeit gaining a little more experience, having laid my hands at various aspects of the baking and pastry kitchen. Nonetheless, I am glad that I have found my path again after being trapped in a focus drought for a while.

I can vividly recall many highlights of those moments in my earlier posts, many of which bringing a smile even now. Truly I am glad to be able to return to this blog space.

To get the ball rolling, here are some of my bakes, starting with the most recent one,  … Happy Birthday Mrs Skipp! This cake took a long time to assemble, there are flaws, but I’m happy with the result. And presenting it to a 70-year-old lady, the ballet teacher who has helped both my girls through the years, has been the most befitting. 

Happy Birthday Sweet 21!

Done specially for my neighbour’s niece, who turned 21 last weekend. She loves pink, and her dress code for the party – pink and black – so there goes ..

Am awaiting my neighbour’s pictures of the cake with the candles – specially bought overseas – shall post once I get them!