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Today is Baking Marathon Day

Today is Baking Marathon Day. All projects started, but all incomplete just yet.


First the forsaken levain which had been hibernating in the chiller for weeks .. Sundried tomato sourdough loaf








Next power berries sponge for antioxidant power ..


And finally a chocolate cheese to indulge in

Will update in next post on the final products ūüôā


Raisin sourdough Loaf

Raisin sourdough


Raisin sourdough

I don’t really like to eat raisins, but I love them encased in bread dough! Call me weird, but I find the texture changed dramatically in the process!


Mixing in action

Raisins, conditioned overnight, added towards the end of mix. It’s fun watching the raisins finding it’s way into the dough



Love the touch -you’ve got to be gentle yet sure. Too harsh and you may lose all the bubbles that have accumulated, too soft and you get a dough that lacks strength.


Ready to bake


“Whatever available in chiller” lunch

Am home alone, not too hungry yet craving for something to munch. Have been having too many cakes, decided to make a simple healthy snack.

A look into the chiller reveals many kinds of greens .. Various lettuce, radish, seaweed .. And since I have smoked salmon and bread left from yesterday, this is probably the fastest and easiest for a lazy afternoon.


Throw in some caramelized banana chips and my daily coffee .. Perfect balance of crisp, chew and crunch

Sourdough Starter

I love bread baking, the touch of dough is truly therapeutic. I could be dead tired, or feeling unwell, but will instantly be energised once I start working on the dough. No one at home can really understand how I can be so sleepy during dinner, yet working late into the night waiting for the dough to ready itself. No one at home can really understand how I can complain of a nagging headache yet, covering my hands in flour and refusing to go to bed.

Just like to document this for those who share my passion, and for those who are thinking of starting.

Day 1

Started on 9/3/16 8pm with ..

50g rye/50g water .. Sorry forgot to take pix

Day 2 


10/3/16 24 hr later

Using 50g of above ..And discarding the rest, i.e.

10/3/16 50g starter / 50g rye/ 50g bread flour at 8pm


10/3/16 50g starter/ 50g rye / 50g bread flour 8pm


Another shot of 10/3/16 8pm

Day 3


11/3 11am very active

At end of day, repeat above


Day 4

Continue refreshing twice a day until she can triple her volume within 6-8hr. She is now ready!

Salmon Sandwich


Quick lunch .. Complete and wholesome


Love those huge open crumbs, thanks to the very active baby!





Ground Zero

Been more than two long years since my last post. Guess this is the best place to continue where I left back then.

I seemed to have returned to ground zero after all this time, albeit gaining a little more experience, having laid my hands at various aspects of the baking and pastry kitchen. Nonetheless, I am glad that I have found my path again after being trapped in a focus drought for a while.

I can vividly recall many highlights of those moments in my earlier posts, many of which bringing a smile even now. Truly I am glad to be able to return to this blog space.

To get the ball rolling, here are some of my bakes, starting with the most recent one, ¬†… Happy Birthday Mrs Skipp! This cake took a long time to assemble, there are flaws, but I’m happy with the result. And presenting it to a 70-year-old lady, the ballet teacher who has helped both my girls through the years, has been the most befitting.¬†

Other Products from Professional Baking Class

The number of items we baked is too plentiful. Other than the cakes which I have shown in previous posts,  I will just show a representative of some of the other breads and pastry ..


I am usually too shy to post my own photo online, but this one is too good – too much of a memory to just keep at the back of my mind.¬†Over the last 14 days, we¬†have all endured the “hardship” and reality of life in a bakery. It is a short course, but I have made friends with people from different parts of the world, and from different walks of life .. all coming together in the name of passion for baking .. WELL DONE, everyone .. and do stay in touch!

.. but I will leave you to guess where I am ..

For the Practical Exam, we have to each create a gateau, bread and pastry. Here is a sample of the completed products … wonderful!

Aren’t these bakes simply inviting? They range from very French-inspired to the deep-rooted Asian ones – ¬†I think they are irresistible, and would have sampled more if the tasting had not happen after a big dinner! But .. having gone round the tables sampling the food as our instructors gave their comments, I must highlight a few truly unique ones .. the BoBo ChaCha (as I fondly call the BBCC) cake, and the dragon fruit. Can you spot them?

… more to follow … stay tuned!

Ground Breaking with Baking

Can I share my excitement! After procrastinating for the longest time, I have finally summoned up enough courage to start this baking blog!

I absolutely love to bake, but after a while, baking is just not enough. I cannot stop marvelling at those beautifully decorated cakes in showcases and cake magazines. So from baking , I ventured into cake decorating classes. Colours and dimensions are quickly added to my bakes. There is so much to learn, so much to explore in cake decorating. Would love to use this blog to share my experiences and make like-minded friends!