Sourdough Starter

I love bread baking, the touch of dough is truly therapeutic. I could be dead tired, or feeling unwell, but will instantly be energised once I start working on the dough. No one at home can really understand how I can be so sleepy during dinner, yet working late into the night waiting for the dough to ready itself. No one at home can really understand how I can complain of a nagging headache yet, covering my hands in flour and refusing to go to bed.

Just like to document this for those who share my passion, and for those who are thinking of starting.

Day 1

Started on 9/3/16 8pm with ..

50g rye/50g water .. Sorry forgot to take pix

Day 2 


10/3/16 24 hr later

Using 50g of above ..And discarding the rest, i.e.

10/3/16 50g starter / 50g rye/ 50g bread flour at 8pm


10/3/16 50g starter/ 50g rye / 50g bread flour 8pm


Another shot of 10/3/16 8pm

Day 3


11/3 11am very active

At end of day, repeat above


Day 4

Continue refreshing twice a day until she can triple her volume within 6-8hr. She is now ready!


About justbakeit

I am a stay-at-home-mum, having the most supportive hubby and two lovely girls. I first started baking more than 10 years ago, with one of the first few attempts being a birthday cake for my elder daughter. It was a simple and amateurish looking one, but I will not forget her delight at seeing it! After that, I found a new me, a new passion. I have been baking with much gusto, attending classes, immersing myself in the internet and the world of culinary books. I absolutely love to bake, but after a while, baking is just not enough. I cannot stop marvelling at those beautifully decorated cakes in showcases and cake magazines. So from baking , I ventured into cake decorating. Entering the world of fondant and different icing, colours and dimensions are quickly added to my bakes. There is so much to learn, so much to explore in art of cake decorating. Every cake presents a new challenge. Would love to use this blog to share my experiences and make like-minded friends!

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