I am usually too shy to post my own photo online, but this one is too good – too much of a memory to just keep at the back of my mind. Over the last 14 days, we have all endured the “hardship” and reality of life in a bakery. It is a short course, but I have made friends with people from different parts of the world, and from different walks of life .. all coming together in the name of passion for baking .. WELL DONE, everyone .. and do stay in touch!

.. but I will leave you to guess where I am ..

For the Practical Exam, we have to each create a gateau, bread and pastry. Here is a sample of the completed products … wonderful!

Aren’t these bakes simply inviting? They range from very French-inspired to the deep-rooted Asian ones –  I think they are irresistible, and would have sampled more if the tasting had not happen after a big dinner! But .. having gone round the tables sampling the food as our instructors gave their comments, I must highlight a few truly unique ones .. the BoBo ChaCha (as I fondly call the BBCC) cake, and the dragon fruit. Can you spot them?

… more to follow … stay tuned!


About justbakeit

I am a stay-at-home-mum, having the most supportive hubby and two lovely girls. I first started baking more than 10 years ago, with one of the first few attempts being a birthday cake for my elder daughter. It was a simple and amateurish looking one, but I will not forget her delight at seeing it! After that, I found a new me, a new passion. I have been baking with much gusto, attending classes, immersing myself in the internet and the world of culinary books. I absolutely love to bake, but after a while, baking is just not enough. I cannot stop marvelling at those beautifully decorated cakes in showcases and cake magazines. So from baking , I ventured into cake decorating. Entering the world of fondant and different icing, colours and dimensions are quickly added to my bakes. There is so much to learn, so much to explore in art of cake decorating. Every cake presents a new challenge. Would love to use this blog to share my experiences and make like-minded friends!

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