Children’s Day Cupcakes

These are the mini cupcakes I made recently for children’s Day. Can you recognise which school uniform the figurines are wearing? I think they look so sweet, except that my daughter commented that her friends are not that fat! I nearly burst out laughing – good point – but I have yet to figure how to pipe thin figures that remain stable and stay in shape – no pun intended ..

The figurine are completely made of royal icing – oh-so-sweet! But i think the girls like them! That’s the beauty of being kids – you can just eat about anything and not need to worry much!

More cupcakes – for my daughter’s ballet class – actually presented the cupcakes on the wrong date, on 1st October! In my mind, that’s Children’s Day – since when had that been changed to 7th October?? Anyway ..

This is pretty much the same concept, except for the change in the girls’ costumes and ballet accessories.

And another here, again the same idea as the previous ones ..


About justbakeit

I am a stay-at-home-mum, having the most supportive hubby and two lovely girls. I first started baking more than 10 years ago, with one of the first few attempts being a birthday cake for my elder daughter. It was a simple and amateurish looking one, but I will not forget her delight at seeing it! After that, I found a new me, a new passion. I have been baking with much gusto, attending classes, immersing myself in the internet and the world of culinary books. I absolutely love to bake, but after a while, baking is just not enough. I cannot stop marvelling at those beautifully decorated cakes in showcases and cake magazines. So from baking , I ventured into cake decorating. Entering the world of fondant and different icing, colours and dimensions are quickly added to my bakes. There is so much to learn, so much to explore in art of cake decorating. Every cake presents a new challenge. Would love to use this blog to share my experiences and make like-minded friends!

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